Spring Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

Tips to Stay Safe on Spring Rides

The weather has cleared up and you cannot wait to get your motorcycle out to ride, but of course you have to put safety first.  Here are a few tips to keep you safe while you are out there on the road this Spring.

Spring Motorcycle Maintenance

You will have a better ride if you maintain your motorcycle and make sure that everything is functioning.  Here is a quick checklist before heading on the road:

  1. Check and replace fluids if necessary.
  2. Check your oil and brake lines and your throttle and brake cables for damage, deterioration or corrosion.
  3. Check your tires for any wear and tear, bulges or cracks.
  4. Make sure your wheels aren’t cracked or rusted and are free of dents, and make sure your spokes are good, too.
  5. Check your fuel – If you winterized, you either drained your tank or added a fuel stabilizer. If you drained the tank, check inside for any issues of rust and condensation.
  6. Check that battery.
  7. Make sure you do not have any light bulbs that need replacing.

Road Conditions

In the spring, highways aren’t always in good shape. Watch out for gravel, potholes and debris along secondary roads and intersections. Practice avoiding hazards before you hit the street. The biggest dangers are hitting a hazard on curvy roads, at an intersection or while braking. Roads may have suffered damage from winter weather and may not be repaired yet, so use extra care in the spring, even on your favorite routes.

Watch Out for Those Animals

On warm spring evenings, you’re more likely to encounter wild animals. Watch out for critters, including raccoons, opossums and skunks that stray onto the road.  Most of all, keep a lookout for deer.   More than 80 percent of deer-motorcycle crashes are fatal.

If unfortunately you have been as careful as you can, but are injured in a motorcycle accident, you will want representation from an attorney like myself who has extensive experience representing injured motorcyclists.  The consultation is always free.  If you have any questions regarding an accident or about this blog post, don’t hesitate to call me at 919-942-1181.

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