Stay Safe and Warm While Looking Cool

Cold Weather Gear For Safety and Style

While it’s advisable to avoid riding in the middle of a blizzard or ice storm, you shouldn’t have to mothball your bike just because it’s a little nippy outside. Instead of giving your bike a vacation until spring, why not simply layer up and keep riding?

Devoted riders may disagree about which gear is best for cold weather. Nonetheless, everyone can get behind these essential items that nobody should brave winter without.

Base Layers

Full-leg and full-arm sleeves, like UnderArmour gear, are essential for cold weather. In addition to keeping you nice and toasty, they don’t add too much bulk, so you don’t have to compromise your balance.

It’s a smart choice to don breathable base layers. Few things feel worse than enjoying an exciting winter ride for an hour or so only to discover that your sweaty gear has suddenly become your own personal Arctic circle.


Most riders already wear gloves to protect their hands, but winter is serious business. Traditional leather gloves may not be enough, so you may want to upgrade to something with a little more insulating power.

If you’re fortunate enough to have heated handlebar grips, you might not need too much palm insulation. Frigid gusts can easily worm their way around the best hand wind guards though, so find thin base layers that keep your fingers mobile or pick a safety glove specifically designed for low temperatures. Above all, be certain that your chosen gloves have sufficient cuffs to keep the cold from getting to your arms.

Neck Warmers

Chilled air can make its way through an uncovered neck to get inside an otherwise warm winter jacket. Fleece and neoprene neck warmers can keep this from happening, and you may also want to consider masks and balaclavas. As with the gloves, be certain your neck warmer extends down far enough to create a nice seal. Also test masks and balaclavas for a good fit inside your helmet before heading out on a cross-country journey.

Anti-Fog Face Shield

Maintaining your body heat on a cold day has the unintentional side effect of causing significant condensation inside your helmet. It’s essential to keep your line of sight nice and clear, so replace your face shield with one that prevents fogging if you haven’t already done so.

Outer Protection

Finally, switch out your regular riding shell for a warmer version. A lot of people are fans of Gore-Tex because it’s both waterproof and breathable, and it’s used in a lot of motorcycle suits anyway. Combine this with stout base layers and perhaps some heated gear, and you’re ready to ride.

Staying warm during winter can make it easier to focus on the road. To learn more great tips for safe riding, visit the Gary Poole Law Office blog.

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