Wrongful Death Claims in Car Accidents

Grieving over the loss of a loved one who has died in a car accident is a consuming, deeply emotional process.  With little time or inclination to do much else, the prospect of also having to manage legal matters can be overwhelming.  Having a skilled, empathetic lawyer available to take care of the countless details helps you make decisions and shepherds you through the legal process and also alleviates a great deal of your stress.

As an auto accident attorney, I work with families who have lost loved ones in car accidents.  To obtain a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney in an affirming, welcoming environment, please contact me today at 1-919-942–1181.

Effectively Handling Wrongful Death Cases

Compensation seems like an ironic word to use when you have lost a loved one – what could possibly replace a human life?  Yet the death of a loved one due to another person’s negligence often leaves families with diminished financial resources for the present as well as the future.  I work with families to pursue settlements that bring closure and stability in the midst of grief.  Not all accident attorneys are willing to represent the families of individuals that have been killed in accidents, but I am.

Alleviating Pressure and Addressing Your Concerns

I work at my client’s pace.  During the difficult time after the death of a family member, knowing how to move forward and make tough decisions can be problematic.  I work for families to alleviate the pressure that not only comes with the death of a loved one, but is compounded by the complicated legal issues in pursuing the wrongful death case.  Following the death of a family member, there are so many difficult issues to deal with – paying funeral costs, paying medical bills, continuing with work and/or school and trying to deal with everyday life.  With a wrongful death case, there are the added responsibilities of dealing with the insurance company of the driver causing the accident and the local Clerk of Court regarding the deceased’s Estate.  I take care of all of the insurance and legal issues associated with the wrongful death claim so that you have fewer issues to worry about on your list.

In contrast to some law firms that take on a high volume of cases, I limit the number of cases I handle so I can provide each client or family with the personal service they need and deserve.  I develop a close relationship with the surviving family members.  I am directly responsible for your case – I meet with you in person, I answer your questions and I deal with the insurance company on your behalf.    I utilize my full experience and energy to protecting your rights and obtain the financial compensation you need and deserve

Our goals are simple but essential to effectively representing the families of individuals that have been killed in accidents:

  • Treat the client like family
  • Give the family we represent peace of mind by keeping them informed about the progress of their case and timely responding to their questions
  • Protect all of the family’s rights under the law

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