This Year’s Motorcycle Trends

Power, Control, Safety and Style

Although riding on two wheels still seems to be the prevailing trend, motorcycles have come a long way since someone first put a steam engine on a bicycle in the mid-1800s. Today’s models possess far more sophistication, and in 2016, this translates to improved power, safety and control. Here are some of the coolest features you might have the pleasure of experiencing in the near future.

Smaller Engine Displacement

While Asian bike makers have long been the main source of small-engine models, European and American companies are jumping on board too. For instance, bikes like BMW’s 313cc 2016 G 310 R and Harley-Davidson’s 500cc Street are following in the footsteps of the 2015 Ducati 400cc Scrambler. With major manufacturers getting invested, things look good for those who prefer compact packages.

High-displacement alternatives will no doubt continue to attract plenty of riders, but new, small-capacity offerings could make motorcycles more accessible to fresh riders. Limited horsepower ratings might also reduce risk for casual riders.

Safety Features

No longer do riders have to purchase high-end racers to enjoy extensive safety hardware. Perhaps spurred on by the proliferation of electronic safety systems in vehicles, manufacturers are adding features like traction control, LED lighting and diagnostic systems. It’s worth noting that these features may be easier to find on European bikes due to stricter safety regulations.

One major innovation to hit the market is cornering ABS, which made its way from a limited few superbikes to multiple implementations by various manufacturers. These ABS systems are able to optimize brake-pad pressure and sense lean angles automatically, which may lead to fewer accidents for riders who go into sharp tilts around winding corners.

Connected Tech

Riders should never use their smartphones while they’re out and about, but some manufacturers are making it easier to connect more safely. Bluetooth-equipped bikes can link with phones that use apps to record travel data, keep track of where you parked or even set up other systems. Some manufacturers reportedly plan on releasing motorcycles designed to pair with connected gloves so that you can use gestures to control your GPS or phone.

Superior Gear

Bikes aren’t the only things getting an upgrade. Riders can look forward to jackets that protect their wearers with built-in airbags and helmets that include LED visibility lighting, GPS functionality and rear-view cameras. Even boots are improving with the invention of new impact technologies that promise to reduce injuries in the event of mishaps.

Of course, awesome features and design innovations can’t account for every situation riders might face. Learn more about staying safe by checking out Gary Poole’s Motorcycle Accident Attorney Blog for tips.

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