Spring Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

Tips to Stay Safe on Spring Rides The weather has cleared up and you cannot wait to get your motorcycle out to ride, but of course you have to put safety first.  Here are a few tips to keep you safe while you are out there on the road this Spring. Spring Motorcycle Maintenance You … Read more

Stay Safe and Warm While Looking Cool

Cold Weather Gear For Safety and Style While it’s advisable to avoid riding in the middle of a blizzard or ice storm, you shouldn’t have to mothball your bike just because it’s a little nippy outside. Instead of giving your bike a vacation until spring, why not simply layer up and keep riding? Devoted riders … Read more


We always hear about different activities that we can do throughout our everyday life that are good for the brain.  If you Google “activities that are good for the brain” you often find the following: exercise, doing a jigsaw puzzle, playing a musical instrument, etc.  What about riding a motorcycle?  Well, there was a recent research … Read more

Ways to Keep Riding in Winter

Tips for Safely Enjoying Your Motorcycle in Cold Weather Winter may be here, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pack your motorcycle away until warmer weather returns. As long as the roads aren’t snowy or icy, you can still safely operate your bike well into the winter. The trick, however, is staying safe and … Read more

When You Need An Attorney On Your Side For An Insurance Claim

Being involved in an auto or motorcycle accident can really throw things off track. Even if you avoided a severe accident or serious bodily harm, you may have a vehicle that is damaged or totaled.  The question to consider is whether you can move forward on your own or if you need an attorney on … Read more

Be Seen, Be Safe

5 Strategies for Sharing the Road With Cars Motorcycles have so much power and give you a great feeling as you accelerate on the open road. You feel the wind pass all around you, the scenery race by and the horizon approaching at rapid speed. Though you may feel free on your bike, you still … Read more

Restaurants, Diners, and My Motorcycle Clients

RESTAURANTS, DINERS, AND MY MOTORCYCLE CLIENTS While traveling across the state to meet my North Carolina motorcycle clients who have been injured in accidents, I often stop at local restaurants and diners to eat lunch.  Here is the list of some of those places that I have eaten and would recommend: RESTAURANT        … Read more

Know Your State By State Helmet and Equipment Laws

  Here in North Carolina, we all know that North Carolina has what we refer to as “a helmet law.”  Like a lot of other states, North Carolina motorcyclists must wear a helmet that complies with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218.  But, there are times when you are going to ride your motorcycle … Read more

How to Photo Document an Accident with Your Phone

Collect Your Own Evidence Before Leaving the Scene Like most people, you probably have a smartphone with you most of the time–including when you’re out on your motorcycle. In the aftermath of an accident, you’ll want to get out your phone if possible. It’s the perfect opportunity to collect photographic evidence that could come very much … Read more

Fall Motorcycle Riding Tips

Fall Motorcycle Riding Tips The hot temperatures of summer are gone, and it is great motorcycle riding season. With the change of the season, however, come some additional safety concerns that riders need to be aware in order to avoid motorcycle accidents when riding during the fall. Here are just a few to keep in … Read more

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