Honda Goldwing

The Goldwing was introduced by Honda back in 1975. The 2018 model is the first Goldwing overhaul in almost a decade, and the reviews for the 2018 Goldwing have been universally positive. The Los Angeles Times review reported that “the 6th-generation machine is lighter, sportier, and more powerful. It handles better and gets better fuel economy. It’s better looking.” The photographs of the 2018 Goldwing show just how sleek the new version looks.

It appears there is some concern about the reduced storage capacity, but, there are a number of positives with the updated version, such as the following items that were mentioned in the online review at article:

– The 2018 Honda Goldwing has flawless handling
– The Goldwing is a huge motorcycle, yet it is completely comfortable in the twisties
– The Dunlop SportMax D423 tires do everything you ask of them
– The double wishbone front suspension is flat out magic
– High speed stability is crucial for a luxury tourer, and the 2018 Honda Goldwing is steady as she goes
– If you need to slow down, either predictably or unexpectedly, the fantastic electronically controlled braking system is  your friend
– Featuring an all-new 24-valve 1833CC motor, the Goldwing has more than enough power for any touring job at hand
– The new 6-speed manual transmission is flawless
– There are countless buttons and switches that are perfectly arrayed

The review ends with the following:

We instantly fell in love with the Goldwing Tour, and the 2018 Honda Goldwing reignites that passion. It is a phenomenal machine and the bagger version of the dresser losses little in the translation, and adds a bit of performance to the equation.

I had a chance recently to speak with Sarah Walker, the marketing manager of Team Powersports in Garner and Raleigh. She said that they could not keep the new 2018 Goldwing in stock because it is so popular. So, if you are thinking about the 2018 Goldwing, head over to your local Honda dealer and see if they have one that you can test drive.

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