Why Witnesses to Accidents are Important

If unfortunately you are ever involved in a motorcycle accident, scooter accident, car accident, pedestrian accident, etc., your health/medical condition is the most important thing to keep in mind at the scene of the accident. If you are seriously injured in any type of motor vehicle accident, then what I am about to explain will not be possible for you to do at the scene, and that is fine because, again, your health is the most important thing. But, if you another driver was responsible for your accident and you have the ability, I urge you to get the name and telephone number of any witness to your accident.  The main reason is to increase the chances that the investigating officer/trooper will determine that the other driver was responsible for your accident and make that known on the accident report and/or by giving the other driver a traffic citation. In other words, that witness could be the difference in whether the insurance company of the other driver pays for the damage to your motorcycle, car, truck, etc., and pays for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering (I actually prefer using the phrase how you have been injured and how those injuries affect you).  Here is why.  There are many times where someone who has caused an accident will say to the injured person (who was really not at fault) that “I am sorry, it was all my fault,” but when the officer/trooper arrives at the scene that other driver has changed their tune and instead is blaming you for the accident.  So, do not assume that the driver who caused your accident will be as honest when the authorities arrive.  Therefore, it is very important, if you are physically and mentally able, to get the name and telephone number of any individual who talks to you at the scene and indicates that they saw what happened.  Ask them to write down their name and telephone number for you or even see if they will put it into your phone.  Another thing you can do is to ask any witnesses to stay around and please tell the investigating officer/trooper what they saw.  Even if the witness says they are going to wait around to talk to the officer/trooper, get their name and number in case for some reason they end up not being able to wait.

When You are a Witness to an Accident

There also may be a time that you witness a motorcycle accident, car accident, pedestrian accident, etc.  If so, I urge you to wait for the authorities to arrive so you can tell them what you saw.  If there is somewhere you have to be and just cannot wait around, then give your name and telephone number to the individual who was not at fault in the accident and tell them that the investigating officer/state trooper can call you if there are any questions regarding who was at fault in the accident.  Staying around and helping the “innocent” person could be the difference between that person being fairly treated by the insurance company of the driver who was really responsible for the accident.  Also, you would want that person to stay around for you if the situation was different (you know, that Golden Rule thing).  If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, car accident, pedestrian accident, etc., as the result of the negligence of another driver and want to talk to an attorney about your personal injury and property damage claims, please do not hesitate to give me a call.  The consultation is always free.  In addition, if it looks like you do need legal representation, I am happy to meet you in a location that is convenient to you anywhere in North Carolina.

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