New Harley-Davidson Models Are On the Way

Harley-Davidson recently unveiled their “More Roads to Harley-Davidson’s Growth Plan.” Regarding this venture, Harley-Davidson sets out the following on its website “It is a fast-changing world with new consumer demands. Alongside our existing loyal riders, we will lead the next revolution of two-wheeled freedom to inspire future riders who have yet to even think about the thrill of riding.” With this mission in mind, here is what Harley-Davidson has revealed about these four future motorcycles:

Here is what Harley-Davidson says about this all-electric model which will debut in 2019:
A LivewireTM model is an authentic Harley-Davidson expression of individuality, iconic style and performance that just happens to be electric. It will provide a visceral riding experience with instant torque and thrilling acceleration – no clutch, just “twist and go.”

Pan AmericaTM
Pan AmericaTM will be Harley-Davidson’s first adventure tourer. Here is how Harley-Davidson describes the Pan AmericaTM:
Launching in 2020 is the first Harley-Davidson adventure touring motorcycle, the Pan AmericanTM 1250CC. The commanding rider position allows the rider to see the world from another point of view. Travel coast to coast. On road or off. All while experiencing your own adventures.

Future Custom Model
The Harley-Davidson Future Custom Model motorcycle, right now, is only a prototype and everyone is going to have to wait at least two years. Right now, here is what Harley-Davidson says about the Future Custom Model:
The all-new custom motorcycle with a muscular stance, aggressive, striped down styling, and 1250CC of pure performance.

Future Streetfighter Model
It looks like that in 2020 that Harley-Davidson will release their streetfighter model, which based on a recent photo, looks like it might be competing with the Ducati Monster and Triumph Speed Triple. Here is how Harley-Davidson is describing their future streetfighter model:
Expanding our line of middleweight models is the first Harley-Davidson streetfighter motorcycle that is planned for 2020. Unapologetic modern style with enough performance and agility to carve through city streets.

If you want to check out some more information about these new Harley-Davidson models, check out this article from Cycle World


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