Thank You!

Thanks! Thanks to all the bikers out there who selflessly give their money and time to support charitable organizations and help individuals (bikers and non-bikers) in need. At the end of telethons on television, there is always a big production about how much money they have raised. I wish there was a way that we could know how much money North Carolina bikers raise during the year and how many volunteer hours over a year that they invest in supporting charities and individuals in need. Thanks to those who organize/put on, participate in, etc. all of the North Carolina motorcycle rides, poker runs, toy runs, bike shows and rallies that benefit charities or individuals. I know that it takes a lot of time and effort. Thanks to all of you bikers who put in the work to plan the event, who show up at the crack of dawn to set up, who stay around all day to make sure things go as planned and who are the last to leave after cleaning up. Thanks to the motorcycle groups/organizations/clubs that sponsor events over and over to raise money for a charity/individual and to make the community aware of issues that are important to you. Thanks to the motorcycle dealerships and shop owners across North Carolina for sponsoring events/rides and graciously opening up your buildings and parking lots for events to be held and rides to begin and end. Thanks to the motorcyclists out there who give their money and time to individuals and families in need, but you will never know who they are because they want to be anonymous. Thanks to motorcycle magazines such as the Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine that will advertise charitable events at no charge through their Cruisin’ Calendar. Some motorcyclists have a particular charitable cause that is most important to them while others spread their time and money among a number of charitable causes. Check out rides/events around your area and chances are that you will find one that you can find one that supports veterans, individuals with a particular medical condition, finding a cure for a specific disease, providing gifts for kids at Christmas, protecting animals and finding them a home, law enforcement, injured/fallen riders, a church, etc.

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