On December 14 Ms. Jean Price and her family announced its decision to sell Ray Price Harley-Davidson/Triumph.  Ray and Ms. Jean first opened the dealership in Raleigh about 35 years ago.  Throughout these 35 years, Ray, Ms. Jean, and the dealership staff/employees have provided the absolute best service and hospitality to motorcyclists across North Carolina.  They have also selflessly given up their time and building/parking lot to so many worthwhile causes/charities over the years.  I cannot imagine how many charity rides/events have started or have been held at the dealership during these 35 years.  If all those events were not enough, Ray and Ms. Jean decided 13 years ago to begin hosting the annual Ray Price Capital City Bike Fest, and since its inception this event has attracted more than 1 million motorcycle enthusiasts to downtown Raleigh.  As a member of the Raleigh HOG Chapter, I know firsthand how much support the dealership has given to the Chapter year end and year out.  Have a great retirement Ms. Jean!

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