Need a Speaker?

gary_poole_124_150Does your motorcycle group or civic organization need a speaker to educate your members regarding how they can protect themselves  from the hardship of being seriously injured in an accident caused by someone with little or no insurance?  As a personal injury attorney who represents individuals seriously injured in motorcycle and car accident, I can tell you from experience that many people are out there driving with no insurance or the minimum limits of insurance.  A couple years ago AAA estimated that 1 in 6 drivers on the road in North Carolina did not have insurance.  Even if that driver has insurance, the minimum insurance required in North Carolina is only $30,000 of coverage per injured person, and  $30,000.00 is not nearly enough to pay for the medical bills, lost wages and injuries of someone seriously injured.  I speak to groups about how their members can protect themselves by having enough uninsured and underinsured coverage as part of their own motorcycle or automobile insurance policy to fill the gap. I routinely speak to groups (including Harley Davidson Owners Groups – HOG and  Goldwing Chapters)  at no charge as a public service.  Please call me if I can be of any help to your group.

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